how to catapult 
your CAREER 
in 8 weeks...
Even if you don't have a "C-Suite" title,
 Ivy League degree
or Tony Robbins CHARISMA
how to catapult your CAREER in 8 weeks...
Even if you don't have a "C-Suite" title, Ivy-League degree
or Tony Robbins CHARISMA.
introducing Signature Strengths
Imagine… waking up in 3 months to your alarm. It’s Monday. You get out of bed, actually excited to get to work. There’s a big project you just finished up, and your boss asked you to present it to the client since you were the head of the team.  When you get into the office, people are congratulating you on your work.
Can you imagine how your new future would feel?

As you imagine that future, know that only leaders solve big problems and leave a lasting impression on the world.
Remember, "head knowledge" or hard skills might get you hired — but they aren’t sufficient to make the contributions that will supercharge your long-term career and impact on the world. Even the most technically advanced individuals must be able to lead and influence in order to have impact.
Hard Skills...
Solve tactical problems
Contribute to a project
Bring knowledge
Leadership Skills...
Solve complex problems across functions and departments
Help teams multiply contributions
Multiply everyone's knowledge to get results
Leadership is key to influence and impact!
Signature Strengths is the key to gaining the foundational leadership skills you need.

how to catapult your
CAREER in 8 weeks...
Even if you don't have a "c-suite" title,
Ivy-league degree or tony robbins' charisma...
OUR Signature Strengths PrograM
8 Clear Steps in 8 Weeks So You Can...
Signature Strength: The Details
Module 1 - Life/Career Mission
draft your career mission to focus your energy
  • identify the three core competencies of true leaders
  • uncover and map your deepest goals
  • create a vision board for life
Module 2 - Guiding Values & Mindset
discover your guiding pillars for making decisions
  • understand how personal values impact leadership skills at work
  • determine your own personal values
  • learn the top mindsets that help you achieve and deliver results
Module 3 - Communication Style
know your communication strengths to improve connection
  • discover the secret to connection in communication 
  • understand your core communication strengths
  • discover how others perceive your style
Module 4 - Social Interaction
learn to discern other people's communication style
  • understand how to discern other people’s style
  • develop strategies to connect with any style
  • improve your communication and get results
Module 5 - Motivational Passions
know your motivators and increase influence
  • identify your passions and strengths
  • utilize your strengths to influence
  • understand your unique value within teams
Module 6 - Problem Solving Acumen
discover your problem solving x-ray 
  • learn the 3 keys to solving problems
  • discover your problem-solving preferences
  • uncover how your perspective impacts decision-making
Module 7 - Competencies
leverage your strengths to get results
  • learn your top seven skills
  • apply your strengths to solve problems – everyday
  • leverage your unique skills for team results
Module 8 - Putting It All Together
meet the universal core needs of people and thrive
  • discover six universal human needs
  • build more connection, influence and impact at work and home
  • create a six-month leadership development plan
who am i?
Diane Kucala launched Blueprint Leadership (BPL) in 2005 after a successful career in multiple global organizations. Blueprint Leadership provides a holistic blueprint for aligning strengths with the needs of business to drive personal and corporate success. 
Diane also believes the next generation will play an instrumental role in resetting leadership and ushering in technical breakthroughs. Diane's goal is to empower our future leaders to make a new and unprecedented impact on the world. 
- Diane Kucala
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Past participants attest to that.

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“I learned a lot about my leadership skills and how they play a role in my work and personal life. I highly recommend the Signature Strengths Profile workshop for anyone that is looking to learn about themselves and others.
Diane did a wonderful job putting this class together. She has paved the way on how online workshops should be conducted in a world where innovation is a way of life.
Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
RMWD-Accounting Specialist
We believe so deeply in our program and the results we’ve seen over the last dozen years, we give you a no-hassle guarantee: 
If you work through this program and complete your assignments and, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied that it accelerated you forward as a leader, just let us know and we will send you a full refund. It’s that simple.
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